First of all…

Hey, Eagles,

Congratulations on finishing the 2020-2021 school year! We thank everyone who worked hard in the new situation this school year.

With the starting quarter system, students could not receive as much education and school community as possible in the previous year. They must have been through the challenging time ever to keep themselves motivated. In particular, many of the class curriculums were not be able to be covered in one quarter, and students were expected to have the time management skill to keep track of their class and assignments.

Teachers as well must have had a difficult time adjusting their teaching styles to online teaching and teach as many materials as possible to students.

We sincerely appreciate all students and teachers who did a great job.

We’d also like to congratulate grade 12 students who graduate JH this year!

The dedication they showed throughout their student life is unimaginable. There is no doubt that this dedication will take them to a new height in life. Farewell!

Post-secondary Education Interview

We had a great opportunity to interview grade12 students about the plan after graduating the secondary school.

We hope this will benefit you in starting to think or planning about post-secondary education.

We have four students who were willing to share their experiences and plans. The posts will be in two parts.


Joanne Santiago
Kathlyn Lampa