Hey eagles!

From June 1-7 the students and staff at JH participated in a weeklong fundraiser for Cancer Survivors called, ‘Relay for Life’. During this event classes participated in, in-person and virtual activities to support the fight against cancer. The community took this week to remember those lost to cancer and those who unfortunately still have it.

As the week began to wind down, all students took to walking a specified route to show their solidarity and send a message of hope and support for those with the disease. They could be seen holding white paper bags with imitation candles inside, to represent the hope we have for those with cancer.

Donations were done both online and in classes. To encourage students to contribute to the cause, raffle tickets and Starbucks merchandise were giving to those who donated the most. All proceeds from ‘Relay for Life’ were forwarded to the Canadian Cancer Society. The goal was $6500 and JH raised around $6400.

Great job Eagles!!!

Shout-out to the JH Leadership Team who did an amazing job organizing ‘Relay for Life’!!!