Congratulations to all grades in completing the first quarter!!

It has been a quite difficult time to adjust to new school life. Thank you for your great work!

The school has been adopting the quarter system since September. Students learn two classes every ten weeks. Grade 8-9 students have full-time face to face classes every day; while grade 10-12 students have physical classes every morning, online classed twice a week, and blended classes once a week.

It must have been challenging for both students and teachers to learn or teach classes while making sure safety. Today, I am going to talk a little bit about the new learning system since the first quarter is done.

Back in the last year, we, grade 8-10, yearly learned eight courses and had four classes every day. It made us very stressed and overwhelmed. I as well as many students struggled to find time to study each class. I studied hard until late when three different quizzes and an exam were unluckily held on the same day. On the other hand, with a quarter system, we only learn two courses every day (every 10 weeks). This system can make it easy for us to focus on what we need to acquire in a short term. I had a quality of learning in the first quarter, for instance. Since the lectures were quite intense, what I learned in classes still stay in my brain quite clearly. Many friends of mine also enjoy it because there are little pressure and stress. Thus, I think the quarter system helps students learn efficiently.

In addition, due to the Covid-19, grade 10-12 students have taken online classes instead of taking classes at school. Students who are independent can easily adapt to a new learning style. They could find time to work on assignments voluntarily and enriched their intellectual capacities by utilizing online classes wisely. However, students who cannot study by themselves have a difficult time adjusting to an online class. They might not be able to hand in assignments until due days or they might need extra help from teachers.

In conclusion, the quarter system might enhance the productivity of learning while an online class might discourage some students from studying.  As learning progress varies from students, it is important to find our comfortable learning styles.

Even though there are many concerns right now, let’s do our best, eagle!