Media Crew member, Safwana Sadana, has generously taken the time out of her day to interview the librarian, Ms. Cauduro, about the Learning Commons.

Safwana: Hello, thank you for your time.

Ms. Cauduro: No problem!

Safwana: So, how has the new year been treating the Learning Commons?

Ms. Cauduro: Well, the ball’s gotten rolling with putting books on hold. All my library science students are trained in how to access the holds and sign them out to students in their A block class.  So I’d like to spread the word that the Learning Commons is indeed open, and students can come and place holds on any books they would like to read. We have a whole new renovation, too. We are looking a lot brighter in here.

Safwana: It certainly feels a lot more open.

Ms. Cauduro: We are in the process of upgrading our collection with a lot of new books.

Safwana: Speaking of books, are there any books you’d like to recommend to students?

Ms. Cauduro: The new surrey teen reads are amazing. They’re pictured on the bookmarks, and they can also be found at

Safwana: And I see we’ve gotten a self-checkout.

Ms. Cauduro: Yes, we have gotten more of a self checkout.  So it’s really simple, the best and easiest way to use the self-checkout is if you have your GoCard available. You can just scan your GoCard under the scanner and then scan your book. If you don’t have your GoCard, we can still look you up. Then we’ll just tell you when it’s time to scan your book.

Safwana: Are there any plans for the rest of the year?

Ms. Cauduro: We’re going to see how it goes. We’re hoping to open up a little more as time goes on, and things get safer. Teachers are encouraged and welcome to book their classes for browsing and exchange.  They can do this in the mornings and afternoons. 

Safwana: Since these books are open to the public, how are you ensuring that the virus doesn’t spread?

Ms. Cauduro: Good question. You will see that at the entrance, there is a box with the day of the week labeled.  Students are asked to return their books in those boxes. We then stack them up at the front and quarantine them for three days, before we check them in and put them back on the shelves. Any book that’s on the shelf, is safe since it has been quarantined for that three day period.

Safwana: And you guys started a new system right? If we put books on hold, you deliver them to our homeroom?

Ms. Cauduro: Yes, we have been doing that. And the instructions to do that are on the display windows of the Learning Commons. I also have a slide show almost ready to go, that I’ll be putting up on the screens in the hallways very soon. When students are here with their classes to use the computers, we are sanitizing all the keyboards and mice after each use, which is what the black cart is for. After the students use them, they put them on the highchairs, and the custodians come in and sanitize them. Then they get put back on the cart for use.

Safwana: Are the printers open as well?

Ms. Cauduro: Unfortunately, they are not open for printing right now, because it is a shared device. It is difficult to ensure the sanitizing of the printer after each use.

Safwana: Do you have any final messages you would like the students to hear about?

Ms. Cauduro: Make sure you all still access our services. It’s a little different, but we’re still here. If you want to request books, you could do that by could message me through Teams.

Daniela Cauduro on Teams

How to put books on hold: