Our grade 10 students presented their MYP Personal Projects on Jan. 9, and 10. Many visitors and students from different grades came to see their showcase. Every grade 10 student did a great job!

This project was presented by Karin Yamakiri.

⇒The Personal Project is a culminating independent piece of research that forms the core of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP). 

⇒ The MYP Personal Project requires the student to apply the skills they have practiced and mastered throughout their years in the program. Students can extend their knowledge and understanding by researching and reflecting. It helps develop the initiative.

Process of the Personal Project

1. Decide what knowledge or skills students want to develop 

2. Investigate their topic 

3. Take action 

4. Reflect on the overall outcome

Here are the Four Things My Personal Project Focused On

1. I decided to work on the difference in education between Japan and Canada since I’ve been interested in Canadian education for a while, and I have received Japanese education in my life. 

2. I investigated both education systems by using the internet and utilizing my own experience. Also, I interviewed my Japanese and Canadian friends about their perspectives and thoughts toward the study.

3. I wrote and posted an essay on the web and proposed an ideal school and education system.

4. I presented it to everyone on showcase day.


 The Personal Project was very interesting and exciting. We spent many months putting a lot of effort into the Personal Project. It was difficult at times, but I felt very accomplished and gained much confidence through this assignment.

Please take a look at Karin’s personal project by clicking the link below.