Heads up! Grade 8 volleyball teams are in it to win it.

Our grade 8 boy’s and girl’s volleyball teams had a great season this year! From team try-outs, to the demanding practices, and the competitive games, both the teams faced many challenges.

Here are some comments from a interview by Dianne A. Palteng, a member of the JHMediaCrew.

“I”m very grateful that my team was always there to support me. We’ve grown much closer since the beginning of the season, and they are like family to me.”

Andrea DeGuzman, Grade 8, Girl’s Volleyball Team

“If I had the opportunity and time, I would definitely try coaching for a team. Because volleyball may be challenging at first, I’d try my best to help them, just as my coaches helped me.

Hanbin Chae, Grade 8, Boy’s Volleyball Team

Overall, both teams grew very close and felt like family. In the end, the grade 8 and junior boy’s volleyball teams brought home the Championship’s banner!

Way to go Eagles!