On October 1, many students and staff at Johnston Heights wore orange in honour of Truth and Reconciliation. 

Mr. Manning, our Aboriginal Support Worker, explains: “Why wear orange? – The orange shirt that was taken from a young girl as she arrived at a Residential School, is a symbol of the many losses experienced by thousands of Indigenous students and their families over several generations. Wearing orange means you are against the abuse and neglect of children, and committed to anti-racism and anti-bullying in general.”

He continues by saying:  “Many negative events in history get swept under the rug, but Residential Schools and the victims of Canada’s assimilation policies are a real part of our history that affects us to this day.  We have students with relatives and parents who went to residential school. It is important to understand history because it helps us understand one another.”

This annual event was another occasion for the JH community to take a strong stance against racism and all forms of bullying.